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Pass: Smart office Solution

Conference room, seat reservation management solution

Sustainable Choice  
Smart Office Solution Pass

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the work environment is no longer fixed in one place. ​

People expect smart spaces to work, collaborate, connect and inspire.

​Our goal is to provide a faster, more efficient and smart work environment.

Conference room and seat reservation management solution suitable for ESG environment

Pass using PLA eco-friendly material

As an E-Ink (electronic ink) display

No separate construction is required for charging.

unattended automation

​Pass from kiosk and ​mobile

Make reservations, cancel and receive notifications

It is an unmanned reservation system. 

​Price competitiveness

Pass is based on   mobile APP

Because it is powerless operation

There is no separate installation fee.

Eco-friendly, no power supply required
E-Ink Seat Display

Uses natural corn material  PLA.  E-Ink Seat display does not require a separate power supply.

Therefore, there is no need for separate power work during installation,

so the customer's cost burden is reduced.

​Just install the app after placing the display and use it.

Group 10.png

Using screen

Waiting screen

Pass system operation method

Smart Pass
Smart Pers front.30.png

Pass solution offers two versions: Smart Pass and ECO Pass.

Smart Pass is a version that prioritizes usability ​.

After booking a seat at a kiosk or mobile, Reservation information is transmitted to the seat panel via Wi-Fi.

If the user clicks the right button on the seat display before using the seat,

​User information can be retrieved and displayed immediately.

pass 시나리오2-10.png

Smart Pass Usage Scenarios

Pass is used like this.
Smart Pass 사용 시나리오

Easy mobile reservation​

Check the seat status on the mobile APP and

​Easy to book and use.

Smart Pass 모바일

on the kiosk screen
Check seat status at a glance

In case of additional use of kiosk

on the kiosk screenseat usagesecond

You can check it at a glance.

Components of the Pass system

Smart front.34.png


seat panelDisplay seat usage status


Smart 모바일.png

Mobile APP ㅣSeat availability check, reservation and cancellation

Smart Pass 키오스크


Kiosk ㅣCheck seat status at a glance

Solution application history

KT , My Workspace


Applied solution:

- Autonomous seat kiosk, mobile app, display for each seat

- Lounge, locker reservation system

- Electronic nameplate system



East Soft, East Secure


Applied solution:

- Autonomous seat kiosk

- Mobile App

- Kiosk per seat



Solution inquiry:

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