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Pass: Smart office Solution

Conference room, seat reservation management solution

Sustainable Choice  
Smart Office Solution Pass

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the work environment is no longer fixed in one place. ​

People expect smart spaces to work, collaborate, connect and inspire.

​Our goal is to provide a faster, more efficient and smart work environment.

Conference room and seat reservation management solution suitable for ESG environment
no power eco-friendly

Pass using PLA eco-friendly material

As an E-Ink (electronic ink) display

No separate construction is required for charging.

unattended automation

​Pass from kiosk and ​mobile

Make reservations, cancel and receive notifications

It is an unmanned reservation system. 

​Price competitiveness

Pass is based on   mobile APP

Because it is powerless operation

There is no separate installation fee.

Eco-friendly, no power supply required
E-Ink Seat Display

Uses natural corn material  PLA.  E-Ink Seat display does not require a separate power supply.

Therefore, there is no need for separate power work during installation, so the customer's cost burden is reduced.

​Just install the app after placing the display and use it.

Group 9.png

Waiting screen

Using screen

Pass system operation method

ECO Pass

The Pass solution offers two versions: Smart Pass and ECO Pass.

ECO Pass provides a low-power mode for eco-friendliness and ease of management with less frequent charging.

ECO Pass is used by tagging the seat display with a mobile NFC after reserving a seat on a kiosk or mobile device.

When a user tags the seat display with NFC before using the seat, their information appears on the display.

pass 시나리오2-11.png
ECO Pers front.31.png

ECO Pass Usage Scenarios

Pass is used like this.
ECO Pass 사용 시나리오

Easy mobile reservation​

Check the seat status on the mobile APP and

​Easy to book and use.

mockup-of-a-woman-taking-her-iphone-12-pro-max-from-her-desk-m28885 (1).png

on the kiosk screen
Check seat status at a glance

In case of additional use of kiosk

on the kiosk screenseat usagesecond

You can check it at a glance.

Components of the Pass system


seat panelDisplay seat usage status

ECO front.35.png


그룹 4990.png

Mobile APP ㅣSeat availability check, reservation and cancellation



Kiosk ㅣCheck seat status at a glance

Solution application history

KT , My Workspace


Applied solution:

- Autonomous seat kiosk, mobile app, display for each seat

- Lounge, locker reservation system

- Electronic nameplate system



East Soft, East Secure


Applied solution:

- Autonomous seat kiosk

- Mobile App

- Kiosk per seat



Solution inquiry:

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