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Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1 Hit

Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1: A Powerful Tool for Pipeline Network Design and Simulation

PIPEPHASE is a steady-state, multiphase fluid flow simulation solution for rigorous modeling of gathering networks and pipeline systems. It can handle applications ranging from single well sensitivity analyses of key parameters to a multi-year planning study for an entire production field. PIPEPHASE improves profitability and performance in companies across the globe by using proven solution algorithms, modern production methods, and software analysis techniques to create a robust and efficient oil field design and planning tool .


Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1 is a zip file that contains the latest version of PIPEPHASE software that can be run on any Windows computer without installation. It is ideal for engineers who need to access PIPEPHASE on different machines or locations, or who want to share their models with colleagues or clients. Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1 has all the features and capabilities of the regular PIPEPHASE software, including:

  • Pipeline flow analysis: PIPEPHASE provides a comprehensive set of industry standard empirical and mechanistic methods for analysing multiphase flow phenomena in pipes. Coupled with extensive fluid models and a rigorous energy balance incorporating a detailed heat transfer analysis capability, PIPEPHASE is a flexible tool for evaluating the complete range of fluid flow phenomena encountered in single-phase and multiphase pipelines .

  • Field-wide network modeling: The robust, field-proven network simulation capability enables the user to model large networks of connected wells, pipes, and associated facilities. The detailed well bore model and extensive inflow performance (IPR) library, combined with a complete set of surface equipment modules, allows you to configure the necessary details of a field-wide oil and gas gathering (or injection) system, and incorporate all of the interdependent components from the sandface to the downstream separation facilities .

  • Production planning: The time-stepping feature in PIPEPHASE makes it a flexible field planning tool. Once a field-wide network model has been built, the planning tool is created by setting up scenarios for future facility expansion along with reservoir decline characteristics. The completed model provides a unique look-ahead capability for the entire asset, incorporating the long-term effects of both reservoir decline and investment in new facilities .

  • Integration with reservoir simulation software: Oil producers have a real, quantifiable problem managing and modelling their reservoirs and linking them to the surface. PIPEPHASE has the modelling capabilities needed to accurately manage and model reservoirs by developing an interface with reservoir simulators and enhancing pipeline technology .

If you are interested in downloading Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1, you can find it at [this link]. You can also listen to some audio reviews of Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1 at [this link] or [this link]. Portable PIPEPHASE 9.1 is a powerful tool that can help you design and simulate pipeline networks with ease and accuracy.


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