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Origin Pro 8.5.1 Keygen

Origin Pro 8.5.1: A Powerful Data Analysis and Graphing Software

Origin Pro is a proprietary computer program for interactive scientific graphing and data analysis, developed by OriginLab Corporation. It is used by over 100,000 scientists and engineers worldwide, in various fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, and social sciences. Origin Pro offers many features and tools to help users perform data exploration, statistics, curve fitting, peak analysis, signal processing, image processing, and more. In this article, we will introduce some of the new features and improvements in Origin Pro 8.5.1, which was released in April 2011.

New Gadgets for Data Analysis

One of the most notable features in Origin Pro 8.5.1 is the introduction of two new data analysis Gadgets: Cluster Manipulation Gadget and Quick Peaks Gadget. Gadgets are interactive tools that allow users to perform data analysis on a selected region of data in a graph. Users can simply highlight the region of interest with a rectangular or circular ROI indicator, and then access various functions from the Gadget menu or context menu.

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The Cluster Manipulation Gadget enables users to easily perform descriptive statistics or mask, clear, or delete extraneous data on a certain region of data. Users can also copy or paste the selected data to another worksheet or graph layer. The Cluster Manipulation Gadget is useful for cleaning up data, identifying outliers, or comparing different subsets of data.

The Quick Peaks Gadget allows users to identify the peak locations within a region of interest in a spectrum. Users can choose from different peak finding methods, such as first derivative, second derivative, or prominence. Users can also output over 15 selectable peak parameters, such as peak location in x/y, area, and centroid location. A "Fit Peaks" context menu allows users to switch to multiple peaks fitting after finding their peaks.

A Versatile Graph Reconstruction Tool

Another new feature in Origin Pro 8.5.1 is the Digitizer tool, which allows users to import a scanned image of a graph and then manually create representative datasets that come extremely close to the original image data. With this do-it-yourself graph reconstruction tool, users can quickly check their research against published results or reuse old data from printed sources.

The Digitizer tool is easy to use: users can import an image file of a graph, calibrate the axes by specifying the coordinates of two points on each axis, and then use the mouse to click on the data points on the image. Users can also adjust the point style, color, and size for better visibility. The Digitizer tool supports linear, logarithmic, and nonlinear axes scaling, as well as multiple datasets on the same image.

New Surface Fitting with Multiple 3D Peaks

Origin Pro 8.5.1 also adds a new surface fitting feature with multiple 3D peaks using Origin's powerful NLFit dialog. Users can fit their 3D data with predefined or user-defined peak functions, such as Gaussian, Lorentzian, Voigt, etc. Multiple peak finding methods are provided, such as first derivative or prominence. Users can also share or constrain parameters among different peaks as desired.

The surface fitting feature provides various options for displaying the fitted results, such as contour plots, surface plots, or residual plots. Users can also customize the appearance of the plots by changing the color map, transparency, lighting, etc. The surface fitting feature is useful for analyzing 3D spectroscopic data or other types of data that exhibit multiple peaks.

Other Improvements and Enhancements

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Origin Pro 8.5.1 also includes many improvements and enhancements in other areas of the software, such as:

  • Graphing: color palette usage improvement; new layer contents dialog; axis tick location from dataset; box chart improvements; histogram improvements; error bar plot improvements; mask/data selector improvements; improvements on group tab and increment editor.

  • Data Analysis: ANOVA with repeated measures; ROC curve analysis; improved integration gadget; improved differentiation gadget; improved statistics on rows/columns; improved correlation coefficient matrix.

  • Worksheet: cell formula supports array operations; new functions for date and time calculations; new functions for text manipulation; new functions for worksheet and matrix manipulation.

  • Importing and Exporting: support for importing HDF5 files; support for importing NetCDF files; support for importing NMRPipe files; support for exporting EMF and WMF files; support for exporting LaTeX files.

  • Programming: new LabTalk functions and commands; new Origin C functions and classes; new X-Function features and examples; new COM methods and properties.

For a complete list of new features and improvements in Origin Pro 8.5.1, please visit the [OriginLab website].


Origin Pro 8.5.1 is a powerful data analysis and graphing software that offers many new features and improvements to help users perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Whether users need to explore data, perform statistics, fit curves, find peaks, process signals, analyze images, or reconstruct graphs, Origin Pro 8.5.1 has the tools and functions to meet their needs. Users can also customize their graphs and reports with various options and styles, or create their own functions and scripts with Origin's programming languages. Origin Pro 8.5.1 is a comprehensive solution for scientific data analysis and visualization.


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