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Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson

[S1E4] Ron Ron Juice !FULL!

What did we learn this week- It is true. Starting the night with Ron Ron juice never ends well for Ronnie. I am sure he had a good time, but this is one way to completely ruin your relationship with your girlfriend who is pregnant with your child. At least everyone tried to stop this, except Pauly, who probably thought he could keep Ronnie away from all the ladies from the club, somehow.

[S1E4] Ron Ron Juice

OK, so, the key takeaways from that eloquent recipe recitation: Watermelon is one of the main ingredients in the drink. Of course, the other main ingredient is a ton of vodka. In the episode, Ronnie dumped most of a bottle of vodka into the blender in the kitchen. Other than that, all you really need is some cranberry juice and ice. Blend it all together, and you're ready to get turnt. It's basically like a giant, alcoholic watermelon smoothie, which honestly sounds very good.

Although the version of Ron Ron Juice Ronnie detailed in Jersey Shore Family Vacation really only consists of four ingredients, there are other variations online that add a few extra touches to the iconic drink. Most sites that feature a Ron Ron Juice replica recipe include cherries as a fifth ingredient alongside the watermelon, vodka, cranberry juice, and ice. For instance, the cocktail site VodkaOnly suggests adding cherries and creamer to the mix for a smoother, fruitier kick. Blueberries also make an appearance every so often; VodkaOnly also suggests an updated Snooki version that includes blueberries and Jägermeister for anyone who is really looking to turn up.

The true beauty of Ron Ron juice is how loose the recipe is. You can basically throw however much watermelon or vodka, along with whatever other fruit or alcohol you are craving, into the blender and just go to town. If you are looking for more rigid guidelines, though, WikiHow suggests using 8 cups of watermelon, 12 ounces of cranberry juice, 1.5 cups of blueberries, a jar of maraschino cherries, 1.5 cups of vodka, and then however much ice you think is necessary. Food & Wine also offered up some similar drinks for anyone who wants to switch up the Ron Ron Juice recipe a bit with a watermelon-tequila cocktail or a watermelon sangria.

In group, Joel vaguely explains how he ended up in the hospital, and promises that he realizes now that he was wrong and respects all people. Ron is there because his wife died last week. As Ron describes how she died while he was taking care of her at home, Joel is genuinely moved and reaches out to him. He even shares his precious juice box. He also slips in a few questions about the morgue. 041b061a72


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