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Maverick Kelly
Maverick Kelly

Bob Marley Time Will Tell Song

Natty Dread. (First time I heard that, I was a fifteen year old conglomeration of chaos walking into Odyssey Records in Santa Cruz and said to myself, "This must be the place." So, I promptly finished my trip from Reno, went home, and ran away back to Santa Cruz and worked in that store while living in an attic that had one electrical outlet. Honestly, a life changing record.) 'Lively Up Yourself,' my favorite Bob Marley song

Bob Marley Time Will Tell Song

"To be resuscitated at this point in time of my career, it's an inspiration for me to even be singing the songs of our great song writer, icon - someone who has inspired the world, someone who continues to inspire the world. For me, it's an honour." 041b061a72


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