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레스토랑 인테리어

Retail Reservation System

Conference room, seat reservation management solution

A multi-platform kiosk
for engaging with customers

An integrated multi-platform kiosk that combines
multiple device functionalities into a single housing.

We provide a more convenient and efficient multi-platform
by integrating building navigation and retail reservation systems.
Additionally, we offer a premium design that is custom-made,
considering the surrounding ambiance and environment.

Integrated Kiosk

existing building guidance

system and Visit reservation,

parking guidance system​

Delivered as one solution


Equipped with untact function

User recognition program 

​provides optimized interactions


High end Design

Custom-made design seamlessly blending with the surroundings


An integrated kiosk for customer interaction

An integrated kiosk for customer interaction that allows easy access to information within large buildings and facilitates connections between customers and businesses within the building.

Furthermore, it features an order-oriented design that seamlessly blends with the ambiance of places like hotels and shopping malls.

kiosk GUI design

We offer a design with a simple and clear interface,

allowing users to quickly and easily operate and obtain the desired information.

맞춤형 크기 – 49.png

for store manager
​Provision of reservation management system

We provide a management app that allows you to view your reservation details on a single hand-held device from the kiosk.

  • Managers can easily manage waiting guests and their reservation details by calling them through the app.

  • Additionally, we offer a reservation app that enables direct booking from the store, eliminating the need to visit the kiosk.

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