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Visitor Registration System

Building Integrated Management
Visitor Registration Solution (VMS)

Smart Visitor Management Solution

The Visitor Management System operates on tablets without the need for expensive hardware, offering a competitive price point. It also provides an optimized experience, allowing visitors to easily register without the assistance of staff.

Contactless Visitor Registration

Visitors can easily register their visits without any contact with staff members.


​Instant notification

Upon visitor registration,

responsible personnel receive

real-time arrival notifications.

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Visit Data Management

The company uses the data of registered visitors

It can be safely stored and managed.


Visitor Registration System

Visitors can easily register their visits at the front desk, while the company can securely store and manage visitor data.


Visitor Registration Service Provision System

  • Systematic Management with Database Construction

  • Efficient Space Utilization Inventory

  • Minimization of Response Personnel

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