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Silent Disco Equipment To Buy

Besides, although they come with quite a hefty price, you can lessen the financial load by canvassing options and setting a budget. You can also try limiting your attendees to less than 20 at first. From there, you can buy more headphones and increase the number of your party-goers.Wireless TechnologyWireless TechnologyWithout wireless technology, silent discos would not come to be. But, not all wireless technology is the same.

silent disco equipment to buy

Using Bluetooth for silent disco headphones means your party venue will be filled with multiple Bluetooth devices fighting within a specific frequency. With this, interference and latency issues are real possibilities. Bluetooth also uses up more battery than RF and IF.

Truly comfortable headphones feel thick and full. But, they should also be breathable enough to prevent heat and moisture build-up in your ears. This is really important in a silent disco where people move around and possibly sweat more.

An excellent feature to look for in silent disco headphones are LED lights. LED lights are often used by gamers and streamers to complete their RGB aesthetic and can usually be found on the earcups. These can also change colors and even pulsate with the music of your different audio channels.

Silent Sound System is one of the industry leaders of silent disco in the US. Their Starter Package has everything you need to get your feet on the ground, and their headphones feature a vibrant and clever design.

Like the Silent Sound System, Party Headphones is another well-known silent disco company, servicing the country for 11 years. If you want to buy silent disco headphones, look no further because their Silent Disco Bundle is also one of the best out there.

Much like the headphones from Silent Sound System, these silent disco headphones will also struggle to work with third-party devices. This is because their transmitter emits a specific signal that devices from other brands cannot easily detect.

The package includes the Sound Off Bolt 2.2 Transmitter that can wirelessly control the LED lights on the headphones and can even accept audio from a Bluetooth source. The fact that they are also battery-powered gives you the option to have your intimate silent discos on the go.

Outside of aesthetics, these headphones also have a complete set of features for silent disco. They use RF, they can switch through three different audio channels, and they can run for 8 to 10 hours.

The concept of a silent disco was born out of the need to create a fun and enjoyable celebration involving music that did not bother non-participants in any manner. The silent party revolution is here to stay as more and more party-goers are starting to appreciate its benefits. That said, the key to making a silent party great is a quality pair of headphones. And while there are no headphones built specifically for silent discos, certain headphones tend to be better than others for the purpose. Whether you are the host of such a party or simply a participant, a quality set of headphones will improve your party experience significantly. With that in mind, here are a few things you should consider before buying a pair of silent disco headphones.

Music is streamed to a wireless headphone in two ways. One is using IR, or infrared, while the other is using RF, or radio frequency. Like the previous point, both technologies have their respective strengths and weaknesses. IR headphones are excellent when it comes to sound quality and also offer good resistance against external interference. On the downside, they fare poorly as far as transmission distance (typically lower than 10 metres) and the ability to penetrate obstacles (like concrete walls and wooden doors) are concerned. If sound quality and the feature of not being affected by external interference is important to you, and more importantly if the transmitter is in the same room as the party, go for IR headphones.RF headphones offer tremendous transmission distance (in excess of 100 metres), excellent obstacle penetration, good quality sound (albeit lesser than IR headphones), and decent immunity against external interference. As a bonus, they can also be used to receive radio transmission, a feature not available with IR headphones. This is why RF headphones are deemed to be the ideal silent party headphones. If anything, they are more vulnerable than IR headphones to external frequency disturbances. For most users, the slight trade-off in terms of sound quality is worth the transmission range and penetrability offered by RF headphones.

Available bundles include Silence headphones, three Sound Wave transmitters, 16-port USB charging AC adapter, storage tote, accessories, PRO DJ equipment, phantom mixes, tables, lighting and more. Customize headphone packages to fit your unique event needs.

  • Guests can toggle and jam through multiple genres of live music when you buy our three channel silent disco headphones for your silent event.Premium SoundOur high quality, noise cancelling wireless headphones sends clear audio up to 400 yards away. Headsets include personal volume and sound controls.

  • Vibrant LEDsThe best silent disco headphone purchases include built in vibrant LEDs that light up based on the music channel and sets the silent party vibe.

Absolutely great service! JC was awesome with super quick response time and helped answer all my questions! The event went on without a hitch! The headphones are easy to use and definitely compatible with whatever you are doing!Kat HartBlending quality and durability with five star customer service

In addition to accessories, phantom mixes, DJ equipment, transmitters, and lighting, we can provide branded headphone to customize your silent event party. Transmitters and headphones are easy to set up and extremely mobile, allowing for a quick integration with your equipment.

When you buy silent party headphones, you can customize your package to include everything you need in order to make your next silent event a success. Wireless headphones are easy to purchase near you. Contact SILENCE today to buy silent party headphones.

Our silent disco headphones are available for purchase. Get your quote today by letting us know how many wireless headphones and silent headphone equipment you are looking to purchase here. After you fill out our website form, one of our team members will set up a 5-minute call to discuss the products you need to purchase and offer you a quote for your requested purchase items.

On average it costs between $6-$8 USD to buy one pair of silent disco headphones. There is no minimum order count, but the more you order the more you save! Most people choose to order in increments of 50 headphones and up. Shipping depends on your location. Get an upfront quote to buy silent disco headphones today!

When you want to throw a silent party, you will need to factor in the cost of wireless headphones, at least 3 transmitters, DJ equipment, mixes or a DJ, lighting, tables, event space and more. Refreshments and beverages will be needed! To get an upfront price to buy silent headphones start by filling out our quote form or calling us today!

We have thrown a wide range of parties, from school reunions and corporate events to weddings, you name it. Our silent disco hire package is the perfect solution if you want to experience something new, but still want to have a lot of fun along the way. It has proven to be one of the best ways to gather different crowds of people into one place and still have fun. This can be achieved by having up to 3 DJs playing different styles of music, while the crowd being able to select their preferred music channels.

Just when you thought the Charm City had it all, choose SILENCE for your Baltimore silent disco party rentals. As the premier silent disco headset rentals and events company, our unparalleled live experiences feature state-of-the-art LED headsets and the best silent productions and DJs in town. Book with SILENCE today to rent our studio-quality silent disco party headphones in Baltimore, Maryland.

Whether you are looking for DIY silent disco headphones rentals or wanting to buy a silent disco transmitter and wireless headphones, we are the best silent disco equipment provider and top silent event company in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Branded silent disco experiences in the Baltimore, MD region are the best way to take your silent disco to the next level. With unique customizations, your SILENCE party headphones can show off your branding or logo or even separate events groups!

We have over 20+ years of events and entertainment experience. We provide Baltimore live DJs, onsite support, staging, lighting and wireless SILENCE equipment. From silent disco yoga to youth groups, add another level of excitement today.

We offer professionally printed headphones in the metro Baltimore, Maryland area. Customize the SILENCE silent disco headphones with your logo, brand, team name or a unique message that brings your event to life and create a memorable party experience that will be hard to top.

Our Baltimore silent disco headphone rentals are available to rent at an affordable, upfront price. Our premier silent disco equipment is state-of-the-art with LED headsets and wireless transmitters. Get your quote today!

Our Baltimore silent disco headphone rentals are available for purchase. Get your quote today by letting us know how many wireless headphones and silent headphone equipment you are looking to purchase here. After you fill out our website form, one of our team members will set up a 5-minute call to discuss the products you need to purchase and offer you a quote for your requested purchase items.

At SILENCE activations, we are here to support you in every way. Please give us a call if you no longer wish to bring your event to life with our silent disco headphone rentals. If you have ordered custom branded headsets or other specialty items, your order may be ineligible for refunds or returns once the purchase was finalized. 041b061a72


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