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Where To Buy Mastro's Gift Card LINK

Members earn one point for every dollar spent on food, beverage, retail items and gift cards purchased at participating Landry's outlets. Laws from certain states may prohibit accumulation of points on alcoholic beverage purchases. Promotional point offers, including double or bonus points, may be subject to restrictions and black-out dates at the Club's discretion. Points are not earned when a gift card is redeemed. Points are not earned on the purchase of gift cards if purchased from a 3rd party (ie. Costco).

where to buy mastro's gift card


No more than 3,000 points may be earned by a member in a single day. Members may not split checks on large parties or banquets in order to acquire points beyond the daily maximum. No points will be awarded for deposits on banquets, room or equipment rental charges or service fees. Members are eligible to earn points for group events held at our participating restaurants provided they are enrolled in the program prior to booking the event. You may earn a maximum of 3,000 points in a single day for group events. Points cannot be earned in conjunction with discounted or promotional group menus, with any other special group offer (including AAA or AARP), employee discount or any other designated offer, discount, bulk gift card purchases, promotion or dollar-off, limited-time promotion. Points cannot be earned for group events that are held at any of our hotels, resorts or casinos. Points will only be issued to the Landry's Select Club member who pays the bill. Cards purchased after the event is booked are not eligible to earn points.

Rewards may be used for food and beverage purchases and take out orders. Rewards may also be used on retail purchases at participating Landry's outlets. Rewards may not be used to purchase gift cards, gift certificates, rides or games. Rewards may not be used for tax or gratuity and in some states alcohol purchases. Rewards are issued, and must be used, in $25 increments. In addition, there is no carry-over balance for any used rewards; therefore, if member's purchase is for less than the reward amount, the remaining unused reward amount will be forfeited. Birthday Rewards cannot be used on the same visit when a Welcome Reward is redeemed.

Club members are eligible for priority seating (based on availability). Members receive seating privileges seven days a week, for parties of six or less. Priority seating on a walk-in basis ensures member quick attention and the first available table for a party of your size. Member's Club card must be presented to the host/hostess to utilize this privilege. Reservations are preferred where accepted, especially at any Morton's The Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick's, Chart House, Oceanaire, Muer or Signature Group restaurant. 041b061a72


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