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How To Buy A Sports Car

2. Resale value is important. We know that all cars depreciate quickly, but many sports cars actually have better resale values than the average sedan or pickup truck. Because of their sleek design, and because fewer of them are usually manufactured, they have a greater chance of holding their value or becoming a classic.

how to buy a sports car


A Florida man pleaded guilty today for fraudulently obtaining approximately $3.9 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and using those funds, in part, to purchase a $318,000 Lamborghini sports car for himself.

Hines further admitted that within days of receiving the PPP funds, he used the funds to purchase a 2020 Lamborghini Huracan sports car for approximately $318,000. Plea documents indicate that in the days and weeks following the disbursement of PPP funds, Hines did not make payroll payments that he claimed on his loan applications. He did, however, use the PPP proceeds for personal expenses.

The price of used sports cars is at an all-time high and the process of purchasing a used vehicle has never been more difficult. This article seeks to delve into the multiple factors affecting the used car market in the United States and everything that you should know before purchasing a used sports car. According to Cox Automotive, in June 2021 the average listing price of a used car was up 26% from what it was this time last year. This tremendous rise in the average price of any used car, let alone a sports car, directly correlates to a perfect storm of factors affecting the used car market. This perfect storm includes a chip shortage, diminished supply of new vehicles from car manufacturers, low interest rates, and high demand.

If at all possible, wait to buy that used sports car you've been eyeing for months now. Dealer lots won't be empty forever. Car manufacturers will continue to catch up on demand and supply issues along with interest rates, which will eventually level out. As noted earlier, the average listing price of any used car, let alone a sports car, is up 26% from what it was last year. What was not yet mentioned, is that the average mileage on a used vehicle is 68,000 miles, according to Cox Automotive. The total supply of used vehicles available across the United States stood at 2.45 million vehicles at the beginning of July 2021. This figure is up from 2.38 million vehicles at the start of June. Though looking at the bigger picture, the used vehicle inventory across the United States was 6% increased from this day in 2020 but 11% below what it was in 2019.

To break down some of these numbers, this means that the used car market is doing better than it was last year during the pandemic, but substantially worse than it was before Covid-19 spread and lockdowns ensued in 2019. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released their July 2021 Consumer Price Index findings, stating new and used vehicle price increases both saw a regression in the rate of the price increase. From June to July, prices for used cars rose just 0.2%, while from May to June of 2021, the average price increase for used vehicles was much higher at 10.5%. All of this information points to the idea that we might possibly be at a tipping point of some sort, where the average price of used sports cars can't get much higher than it is presently. Though it must be noted, that sports cars will always tend to be in higher demand than SUVs or sedans as they are deemed as more of a luxury vehicle.

The best advice for those who are going to purchase a used sports car right now, is to be on-the-ball and flexible. Regularly respond to listings and continue to reply promptly when contacted by those who are selling a used sports car. The used car market is in quite a volatile state, with a mix of those looking to make a quick buck and those who want to take advantage of the market quite prevalent in this day and age. Be proactive in contacting people with used sports cars, but do your research before forking over a large amount of money. The availability and supply issue will mean that you must be on-the-ball to even stand a chance at purchasing a used sports car right now, but remaining flexible is a must. Unfortunately purchasing a used sports car currently, could mean more of a "you get what you're given" scenario than most would be comfortable with.

If you imagined that scene from behind the wheel of a white Toyota Supra, driving toward the finish line as the sun sets behind the hills, doing your best impression of Paul Walker in Furious 7, we like the way you think. Maybe you do deserve that sports car.

Every WRX sports sedan in the lineup is packed with state-of-the-art technology. Next-generation available features include a STARLINK Multimedia 11.6-inch touchscreen and the active protection of EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

IMSA represents the ultimate test in speed and power in intense wheel-to-wheel driving action over the most demanding road courses. IMSA races feature elite sportscars from nearly 20 different manufacturers including Porsche, BMW, Chevrolet and Lamborghini. The skill of the IMSA drivers paired with advanced automotive technology creates a high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled race weekend you do not want to miss. Experience high-performance IMSA racing up-close and personal at Road America!

If you've ever considered buying a red sports car or quit your job to follow your muse, if you've ever related to Lester Burnham in American Beauty, there's some good news. Midlife crisis is not inevitable, and reaching 45 is not the first step in a slow, agonizing decline. After interviewing more than 400 people, I found that midlife, while complicated, is, for many if not most people, the peak of their lives.

To insure an exotic or sports car, get an auto insurance quote like you would for any other car. But note that high-performance vehicles can lead to higher auto insurance rates. More horsepower means more risk for your insurer. And not all insurers insure all high-end vehicles.

Insurance companies generally consider a sports car to have high horsepower and be smaller and lighter than a standard sedan. Sports cars also often have only two seats and a soft back, and they're built for competitive racing.

Sports car restrictions vary by insurer, and not all insurance companies insure all high-end vehicles. At Progressive, we'll likely cover your luxury or sports car, but we don't insure cars valued over $150,000. If your ride is worth more than that, you may want to consider a specialty insurer.

Since a sports car is often a second or recreational vehicle, how you use it and how often you drive it will go a long way in determining your rate. As a general rule, the more horsepower a car boasts, the easier it is to speed, which can lead to more accidents and a higher insurance rate.

But suppose you drive your sports car only on weekends and less than 5,000 miles per year. You'll generally pay less for insurance than someone using their sports car to commute to and from work. However, even if you rarely drive your sports car and have a perfect driving record, you may pay substantially more for auto insurance because of your vehicle's race-quality performance.

A sports car use to be defined as a two-seater with an open top. Nowadays, a sports car is anything fast with a combination of two doors with an open top, hatchbacks included, a hard top, two seats or four seats. As long as it has two doors and exciting to drive it is considered a sports car.

Just because your credit may be weak or you haven't established credit doesn't mean that you can't acquire your dream car with a sports car loan. You might be surprised to find out you can be approved for a sports car loan with no credit by proving you have a stable income and residence.

With pay stubs, proof of residence (a utility bill for example), a residential phone line (cell phones do not count), and a valid driver's license, you could be on the way to getting that sports car loan. Learn more on how to qualify for a no credit loan by looking at the information under our heading of No Credit Auto Loans.

When looking for a sports car loan, it's helpful to use online resources. This step is especially helpful when starting your exciting sports car search. Compare online loans and then visit to feel secure that you are getting the best sports car loan available, no matter your credit score.

While the Porsche Carrera Cup North America presented by the Cayman Islands and the Porsche Sprint Challenge North America by Yokohama headline the racing action on the track, multiple aspects of the Porsche automotive and sports culture will entertain and educate Porsche fans and casual attendees alike at the three-day end of summer event.

Sports Car Together Fest unites thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts from all walks of life to share in the moments that last a lifetime. Visit to learn more about all the thrilling experiences Porsche Cars North America has to offer.

\"Any sports car could be successful as an EV,\" Guy said. \"Having a sports car is about pushing the envelope and having great performance. EVs may be a cultural dividing line among enthusiasts and that's a good thing.\" 041b061a72


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