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Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson

Download Beyond Enemy Lines 2-HOODLUM OnLine

Since all satellites in the area are offline and repairing the situation will take some time, nothing can be learned about that side. Now that Intel is completely blind, everything depends on you! You must sneak in and spread confusion and chaos past enemy lines!

Download Beyond Enemy Lines 2-HOODLUM OnLine


"I have read the document which purports to be a confession by theunfortunate and unhappy woman who recently took her life, a documentwhich may or may not be genuine, but which, if genuine, is obviously theproduct of a disordered mind. I am willing to assume that the Journalpublished this document in good faith, in spite of its many absurditiesand inconsistencies, and these I shall not bore you with enumerating. IfEileen Wade wrote these words, and my office in conjunction with thestaff of my respected coadjutor, Sheriff Petersen, will soon determinewhether or no she did, then I say to you that she did not write themwith a clear head, nor with a steady hand. It is only a matter of weekssince the unfortunate lady found her husband wallowing in his own blood,spilled by his own hand. Imagine the shock, the despair, the utterloneliness which must have followed so sharp a disaster! And now she hasjoined him in the bitterness of death. Is anything to be gained bydisturbing the ashes of the dead? Anything, my friends, beyond the saleof a few copies of a newspaper which is badly in need of circulation?Nothing, my friends, nothing. Let us leave it at that. Like Ophelia inthat great dramatic masterpiece called Hamlet, by the immortal WilliamShakespeare, Eileen Wade wore her rue with a difference. My politicalenemies would like to make much of that difference, but my friends andfellow voters will not be deceived. They know that this office has longstood for wise and mature law enforcement, for justice tempered withmercy, for solid, stable, and conservative government. The Journalstands for I know not what, and for what it stands I do not much orgreatly care. Let the enlightened public judge for itself."

I stepped sideways off the porch on to the ground and leaned downagainst the shrubbery. Nothing happened. No light went on inside, therewas no movement anywhere that I heard. I had a gun in a belt holster onthe left side, butt forward, a short-barreled Police 38. I jerked it outand it got me nowhere. The silence continued. I decided I was a damnfool. I straightened up and lifted a foot to go back to the front door,and then a car turned the corner and came fast up the hill and stoppedalmost without sound at the foot of my steps. It was a big black sedanwith the lines of a Cadillac. It could have been Linda Loring's car,except for two things. Nobody opened a door and the windows on my sidewere all shut tight. I waited and listened, crouched against the bush,and there was nothing to listen to and nothing to wait for. Just a darkcar motionless at the foot of my redwood steps, with the windows closed.If its motor was still running I couldn't hear it. Then a big redspotlight clicked on and the beam struck twenty feet beyond the cornerof the house. And then very slowly the big car backed until thespotlight could swing across the front of the house, across the hood andup. 041b061a72


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