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Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson


( and it is currently an open RFP, attach a return receipt for the notice to ensure the professional received > RFP is moved to the "Closed RFP" section, for 3 months and can be accessed for informational purposes, when the deadline for receiving proposals has passed;


III.FIRMS TO RECEIVE AN RFP.An approved list of professionals (investment banking firms, law firms, trustees and master servicers, as the case may be) will be maintained by ADFA. This list will automatically receive RFP's, via email, for the selection of professionals on projects in the designated area. For practical reasons, the list of eligible professionals will be limited to those firms who have demonstrated competence, resources, and a commitment to the business of ADFA. To remain on the list, professionals should submit an updated Statement of Qualifications at least every two (2) years. The Statement of Qualifications should be updated more frequently when there have been changes to the contacts for ADFA. The Statement of Qualifications format can be obtained at ADFA's website ( To be added to the list, a request should be forwarded to the Staff Professional Selection Committee Chair along with a sufficient statement of qualifications. ADFA reserves the right to remove professionals from the list as a result of sustained failure to respond to RFP's, abnormally low scoring in the RFP selection criteria process (normally considered below 75% of the eligible scoring) or other reasons in the discretion of ADFA. 041b061a72


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