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Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson

[S3E10] And The First Day Of School ((EXCLUSIVE))

Over at the veterinary clinic, D.J. gets two special visits: The first is from Matt, who spent some time in Bora Bora and now has a golden tan, and the second is from Kathy, an alligator pet. D.J. and Matt get trapped in a room with Kathy and are forced to face their feelings for each other. The two ex-lovers come to a friendly and hilarious understanding and realize they still both care for each other.

[S3E10] And The First Day Of School

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Back at the high school Max and Kimmy have devised a plan to help Ramona make friends and land a spot in the dance team. Ramona is put on the spotlight after Kimmy, impersonating a hip-hop dancer, confronts Chad Brad Bradley and it all culminates in an epic dance battle.

Isak is a little confused, and asks Even is he had seen him before the first Kosegruppa meeting. Even says he saw him the first day of school. Vilde then calls again and Isak picks up the call. He tells her they do not have a Christmas tree, and that if she's so keen on having one she should buy it herself. He says she can buy them anywhere and then ends the call.

Isak walks up to the boys in the schoolyard and greets them cheerfully. Magnus asks how 'Evak' is doing and Isak says things are fine and that they're taking it minute by minute. Magnus is intrigued by that idea and says they could sell 'Even and Isak, minute by minute' to NRK and that people would dig it. Isak says it's kind of fucked up to think about, and Magnus asks if it's because they'd bang on TV, asking if Isak things he can't handle that. Isak says it'd be more fucked up for him having them watch because it would be a real turn off.

Magnus then asks if Isak think she's a turnoff, and Isak says he's not exactly a turn on. Magnus calls bullshit and states Isak would bang him if he had the chance. Isak denies this. He then asks who he would bang first out of the guys, and he says Jonas. Out of Magnus and Mahdi he said 'you' before adding 'Mahdi'. Magnus is upset, asking why nobody wants to bang him and Isak explains it's because he's so desperate. Magnus claims he's completely chill.

"First Day of High School" is the 10th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack takes interest in a girl, only to be challenged by her boyfriend and land himself in detention. London attempts to tear down parts of the school to make her own walk-in locker.

London is advised by Mr. Moseby that she has been expelled from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Also, due to the fact that London's been expelled from every other private school in Boston, she'll have to attend a public from now on--Mr. Moseby explains that London's now enrolled at Cheevers High School, which Nia and the Martin twins are also attending.

Once at school, Zack meets a sophomore named Amber and develops a crush on her, and while she seems flattered, Amber's not interested in Zack--mostly because of how Zack's a freshman and the fact that she already has a boyfriend (later revealed to be a guy named Vance). Zack keeps trying to convince Amber to go out with him, even suggesting that they start dating once he's sophomore--but Amber points out that just one year later and while he may be a sophomore by then, she'll be a junior (and an upperclassman). He is relentless, though, and he continues to flirt with her until her boyfriend Vance steps in and lands Zack in a garbage can. Nia, standing up for Zack, then proceeds to beat Vance up. As a result, Zack and Nia are sent to Ms. Militich's office. Mr. Moseby and Carey show up, disappointed at the kids being sent to the office.

Meanwhile, London pays several people to follow her around as "friends", despite London not even learning their names. The say comforting things and agree with her for a small payoff, and support everything she does. London then decides to "buy" the students lockers from them so she can put a walk-in closet in the middle of the school. As soon as Ms. Militich shows up, London's friends ditch her, and she is sent to the principal's office.

Back at Natalie's house, Monk speculates that Peck put something into the kit Julie bought that he wants back, but they look through the tank and can see nothing obvious. Monk wants to take the tank to the lab so that the police can do a forensic analysis of everything, but Natalie objects as the fish is going to be Julie's project for the school science fair. Julie interrupts, saying her teacher has disqualified her project.

Monk and Natalie meet Stottlemeyer at the school science fair. Monk reveals a newspaper article about an auction in Tokyo where a moon rock was recently sold at auction for over $2.4 million (23 million Yen) and is rarer than diamonds. Monk explains that Lyle Peck has stolen a priceless moon rock from the museum, but the museum is unaware of it. Monk explains what happened.

Natalie insists they wait for Julie to make her presentation before they search the tank. Just then, Peck arrives and starts a fire to distract the crowd. Stottlemeyer attempts to put out the fire with one of the school projects: a home-made fire extinguisher, however, it turns out to have turpentine, an accelerant that increases the fire's size, forcing Stottlemeyer to put it out with his coat. As people flee, Peck runs to the tank and scoops up the moon rock in a net, inadvertently scooping up Mr. Henry along with it. As Stottlemeyer deals with the fire, Monk runs after Peck. As the chase takes them through the halls, Peck trips and falls down a flight of stairs. Both the rock and Mr. Henry go flying. While Peck lies momentarily stunned, Monk must choose: grab the rock, or save the dying Mr. Henry and let Peck get away with the rock. Natalie arrives in the hallway in time to see him choose the latter: as he scoops up the fish and they run back to the science fair, Peck reaches for the rock, but Stottlemeyer arrives in time to capture him.

Monk runs back in and dumps Mr. Henry in the first fish tank he sees. This tank turns out to contain a pet piranha, so he hurriedly scoops Mr. Henry out again and runs to his home tank, dropping him in just in time to save him. Julie hugs Monk gratefully, while Natalie grabs a towel to wipe tank water off Monk's hand.

Meanwhile, Dan is working on finding a babysitter for Trixie who has the day off school, when Charlotte arrives. Dan introduces her as a colleague and friend. Trixie decides Charlotte is okay, especially when the attorney complimented her poker face. She then floats a new idea for Dan and Charlotte.

Meanwhile, a desperate Beth turns to Jerry for help with her identity crisis. Jerry does his best by explaining and recreating the moment he first confessed his love for her in vivid detail. Coming to terms with herself and realizing his unconditional love, Beth rekindles her relationship with Jerry.

"Fine, if you guys wanna sit around for an hour after school swapping makeover horror stories, then count me in. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I plucked outside of my designated brow line? Man, was my face red."

The next day at the diner, Lorelai shows Rory a bunch of present options for Richard's birthday and wow, are they terrible. Does she ever actually pay attention to Richard when he talks? I don't think so, because the first two items she shows Rory are a bathroom scale and a mechanical coin sorter. Why is she so awful at buying gifts? Could it maybe be because she's an unabashed narcissist with zero consideration for anyone but herself? ?

MePhone rewards the contestants with a dessert buffet. He declares that there are no more teams. Silver Spoon attempts to conversate with Bot but to no avail. Test Tube reveals that she changed Bot's voice and it's still processing, hence why they can't speak (which is an explanation as to why Bot has a new V.A.). Balloon wants to have a conversation with Nickel, but he dismisses Balloon because he thinks people are just acting like they like him due to his new powers. MePhone receives an unknown caller, and it turns out to be from Walkie-Talkie. It asks if he wants to have an eliminated contestant rejoin to keep his show running longer. The intro rolls. MePhone accepts and goes to Indefinite Island, bringing Paintbrush and Candle with him. He puts the exiled contestants in a challenge where they have to walk on a balance beam, then throw rocks into a bag to knock it off a pole. The bag has letters in it, and they have to spell out a word. He tells the contestants he brought with him that they have a special role to play. Tea Kettle complains about having to do a challenge while the remaining contestants get to do nothing. MePhone assures her that he had them do hard work. The scene cuts to the contestants cheering on Yin-Yang, as he guzzles down a bottle of chocolate syrup. It cuts back to the island. He starts the challenge. Lifering, Tea Kettle, and Cabby are the first to make it across the beam.

Upstairs in the mom loft, the mothers are discussing their first loves and how you never forget them and how the girls have yet to experience that. Kelly says hers is not a good memory. Must not be. Look.

Hoping to impress the elitist theater kids at NYU, Blair sets her sights on landing a private concert with the hottest musical performer of the year, Lady GaGa. Dan and Olivia sign up to write and star in a school play, based on an idea by Blair and directed by Vanessa which leads to more quarreling between all involved. Serena turns to Nate to help her get through a difficult situation when she begins falling for his cousin, Tripp, despite the fact that he is married. Jenny agrees to hang out with Damien, the son of an ambassador who is staying at Chuck's hotel, but the experience proves to be a lot more intriguing than she expected.

The episode begins with Dan strolling around the city, still on a high from his threesome with Olivia and Vanessa. Meanwhile, Serena continually tries to get ahold of Blair; including leaving her messages promising nothing is happening between her and Tripp. In Central Park, Blair and Chuck are taking a walk while she ignores Serena. She explains to Chuck that she's planning to add the Tisch school kids to her list of allies at NYU, and she hopefully won over Paul Hoffman, their leader. Chuck tells her that a diplomat is in town and has asked him to show his son around the city, and he's doing it to secure international clients. Elsewhere, Dan fills Nate in on his threesome. Nate replies that he's stupid for doing it, since the third person always has to be a stranger to avoid awkwardness and jealousy. Dan admits that things aren't weird between any of them, even though he hasn't talked to Vanessa since. She approaches, and they make plans to see Morrissey that night to prove they're still friends. At the NYU cafe, Blair walks in on a Tisch meeting. She overhears Paul voicing his disappointment that Lady Gaga won't give a performance for them. She mentions that Cyrus could maybe talk her into doing a show, but Paul says that his father and Willa Weinstein's father couldn't so Cyrus can't. Blair then overhears them discussing cabaret plans, and says she loves cabaret and the theme, fairy tales. Paul flatly tells her it's by invitation only and the group leaves. 041b061a72


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