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Can You Buy Hearthstone Cards

One of the primary ways players obtain new cards in the game is via opening card packs. Each expansion has a distinct card pack that contains only cards from that addition, but card packs function similarly regardless. Card packs will contain at least four common and one rare card, and every card has a chance to be upgraded into a higher rarity card.

can you buy hearthstone cards


Players who start the game with a fresh account will first need to obtain the Core set cards. This rotating card pool will provide players with a base to craft Standard decks and play the game. Luckily, players only need to get to level 10 in a class to get all Core set cards for that class. A total of 60 levels spread among classes will unlock neutral cards from the set.

Furthermore, players also have a special quest track and associated quest to complete and gain rewards. The prizes can vary from card packs, Dust, golden cards, and Gold. The base track is available to all players for free. However, you can purchase the premium Tavern Pass with real currency and unlock additional levels to complete and get cosmetic awards. Reward tracks reset with every expansion.

Alternatively, old expansions also have special adventure modes, which require the player to complete the Solo Adventure and obtain the cards. Only after are they able to craft and disenchant cards from that adventure.

Legendary cards are the rarest and most unique cards in the game, with several of them making the foundations of meta-defining decks. Players can only put one legendary card with the same name in a deck, compared to the regular two copies of other rarity cards.

The other way to obtain legendaries is to open them in packs. Since they are exceedingly rare under normal circumstances, Blizzard has introduced two safeguards to make legendary cards more available to players:

Legendary quests are a subset of legendary cards, and they can be obtained the same way you would open or craft a regular legendary. For collection purposes, there are no functional differences between a non-Quest legendary and a Quest card.

Every card in a pack has a slight chance of being upgraded to a golden version. Arena rewards also often use golden cards for higher-tier prizes alongside card packs and Gold. The end-of-season Ranked rewards also often contain a decent amount of golden rares.

The easiest way to get new cards is to not worry about the specifics and enjoy the game the way you want it. Our tips should get you started with a deck to use in the ladder and start raking up daily and monthly rewards. Alternatively, head to the Arena for higher-risk higher-reward prizing.

Note: These rules do not apply to Mini Sets. Mini Sets are bundles of specific cards. Mini Sets are not card packs and are not subject to randomness. If a Mini Set includes cards that are already in your collection, you will still receive those cards.

Cards found in packs also have different cosmetic qualities. Common, Rare, and Epic rarity cards can be of two different qualities: Normal or Golden. Legendary rarity cards can be of three different qualities: Normal, Golden, or Signature.

Note: Diamond quality cards cannot be found in card packs; signature quality cards can only be obtained from expansion set card packs from the March of the Lich King expansion onward.

You will not receive more than one copy of a Legendary card, until you have received all the Legendary cards in that card expansion. Similarly, you will not receive more than two copies of any Common, Rare, or Epic card until you have received two copies of all cards of that rarity in that card expansion.

Crafting a card counts towards receiving it, and any cards you disenchant (whether golden or non-golden) count as well. This means that if you get a card you don't want, you can disenchant it and you will not receive it again until you have all cards of that rarity from that card expansion.

In fact, make sure to play that Tavern Brawl every week! The reasons for this are many: You will earn XP in a more relaxed mode, you will level up your classes, you will gain knowledge at the game, and your first win rewards you a card pack containing relatively recent Standard cards. Right now, it rewards a Year of the Phoenix pack which contains cards from the Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy, and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansions.

A common struggle for new and free-to-player Hearthstone players is gathering enough cards to be able to compete with other players. Compared to those spending real money on the game, it takes far longer to collect cards (especially in the early stages of an account).

That said, there are many ways to gather Hearthstone cards without spending a dime. This guide will outline how to leverage different game modes in Hearthstone to more efficiently assemble a reliable card collection without any detriment to your bank account.

For new players, experience is the primary resource used for acquiring new cards. Those who have been playing Hearthstone for some time receive a less impactful payout (golden cards) for earning additional experience.

Depending on the age of an account, some of these game modes are more time efficient in terms of amassing gold, dust, or cards than others. Recommendations will be made for how to take full advantage of each mode to get a more robust card collection.

Practice Mode provides an outlet for new players to get a better feel for some of the foundational Hearthstone mechanics. In this game mode, players matched against the Innkeeper NPC who pilots decks consisting of, for the most part, the same Basic cards available to a brand new account.

Practice Mode has two difficulties: Normal and Expert. Normal Practice Mode should be beatable with the preassembled Basic Decks for each class. Expert Practice Mode, however, may require decks to be refined with some of the additional cards unlocked along the way.

While Practice Mode does not grant as much experience as other game modes, it is still a great place to level up Heroes and unlock Basic Cards since you avoid running into players with more experience (and better cards).

There is still some incentive for playing Ranked, however. Each month, players that reach at least Rank 20 are rewarded with a card back and, depending on end of season rank, additional cards of increasing value.

Each day, players receive a new quest that offers a variety of rewards. For those who are not looking to spend real money in Hearthstone, these quests are the main source of gold and, as a result, cards.

It should, however, be noted that new accounts must complete a minimum number of the basic, 40 gold quests before better options become available. In these early stages, quests should be prioritized around the classes with the most/best available cards.

In years prior to 2017, content was release on a schedule of two full expansions and a solo adventure. Solo Adventures are purchasable content that gives players access to single-player content that, upon completion, awards players with the entirety the of cards from the set.

While One Night in Karazhan does provide guaranteed value for your gold at a slightly higher gold to dust ration than packs, cards from the set will rotate out of Standard in April of 2018. As such, F2P players are left with a difficult decision in terms of whether or not to purchase the expansion. There are undoubtedly powerful cards in the expansion, but the expiration date on the set should give players some hesitation before purchasing the Solo Adventure.

To determine whether or not to purchase the Solo Adventure, players must weigh the immediate need of cards required to complete decks against the total cost of obtaining that card from the Adventure. For instance, a single card in The Menagerie wing requires 2,100 gold to obtain which, to a player with limited resources, may not be worth giving up 21 card packs for.

Since Deathbringer Saurfang can only be damaged by weapons, Warrior is a good choice for this encounter. In his basic set, Garrosh has access to two weapons: Fiery War Axe and Arcanite Reaper. Although this offers the potential for 26 points of damage, drawing 4 cards out of 30 is not always reliable. Fortunately, Heroic Strike can be paired with weapons to provide critical extra damage.

Every expansion has its own type of card pack with unique artwork, and each card pack contains 5 cards from that card set. Each card opened has a chance to be of common, rare, epic or legendary rarity, but each pack is guaranteed to contain at least one card of at least rare rarity.[1] Each card opened also has the chance to be a golden version of that card. The chances for rarities and golden versions are the same for all types of card packs,[2][3][4][5] and is well-documented in the statistics section below.

Card packs are the most cost-efficient means of obtaining cards. They offer the quickest way of expanding the player's collection for a particular set, but when wishing to obtain a specific card, players will generally find it cheaper and quicker to craft the card instead.

Once the Open Packs screen has been reached, all current unopened packs will be displayed on the left-hand side. Drag a pack over to the right-hand section or hit the space bar to open it. Once you open a pack, 5 cards appear face down. This forces you to turn each card individually either by hitting the space bar or clicking each card.

There are two main types of card packs: Normal and Golden. Normal packs give the player craftable cards of any quality, with regular being the most common, while Golden packs give the player Golden or Signature cards.

Wild format card packs are never granted as rewards. However, Wild format card packs can be bought from the in-game Shop. Players who had packs left over when the set moved to Wild format can still open them and receive cards as normal, and players can still obtain Wild format cards through crafting.

Note that a discount is offered when buying in bulk. Purchasing 40 packs of cards at once presents a 12-16% discount compared to buying cards in sets of 2. Exact prices and discounts vary by currency. 041b061a72


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