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Maverick Kelly
Maverick Kelly

My Little Princess: A Romantic Comedy with a Musical Twist

The trailers of the movie were posted on, Google, Dailymotion and Vimeo. These successful actors are not only eminent for their acting, but they also have been active in the world of the internet.

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The movie was released with an estimated budget of. The music and songs from the movie were composed by Christopher Lennertz. David Grecko, who composed the musical score for Attack of the Sugar Bears, composed the music for this movie too. Similarly, the song My Little Princess by Lee Byung-hun has been heard in many songs such as New Lady, Flight, Generations and Some Where Outside. The lyrics for all songs have been made by Robert Lynn Randle.

The movie My Little Princess is based on the book of the same name by Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett. This book was published in 1895. The film is based on the characters of the same name in the book.

This movie stars Elizabeth Hurley as Lizzie, who plays the role of main protagonist in the film. Other actresses in the cast include Alicia Leigh Willis, Kelly Whyte, Allison Munn, and C. J. Adams.

The producers of the movie My Little Princess are from many countries. The production crew of this movie is from many countries. The team behind the movie is well-versed with each other and the people in the business can be found in some of the credits. This is the team of the actors, writers and directors of this film.

A Little Princess is probably one of the best reviewed children's books, listed as the No. 1 book in its subject category by the New York Public Library. It was soon made into a musical play that was published in 1906 and a film that was released in 1925 and played every Christmas since its release.


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