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Youness El Basraoui
Youness El Basraoui

Johannes Itten Arte Del Colore Pdf 23

Johannes Itten Arte Del Colore Pdf 23

Johannes Itten (1888-1967) was a Swiss painter, teacher, and theorist who had a profound influence on the development of modern art. He was one of the first instructors at the Bauhaus, where he taught the famous course on color theory and design. He also wrote several books on color, including Arte del colore (The Art of Color), which was published in 1961 and is considered a classic in the field.

Arte del colore is a comprehensive and systematic study of the nature, effects, and applications of color. Itten explores the physical, psychological, and artistic aspects of color, as well as the historical and cultural traditions of color harmony. He presents his own theory of color contrasts, based on the observation of how colors interact and affect each other. He also provides practical exercises and examples to help the reader develop a personal and creative use of color.


The book is divided into 28 sections, each covering a different topic related to color. Some of the topics include: light and color, temperature and mood, impressionism and expressionism, complementary colors, simultaneous contrast, hue and saturation, value and brightness, color circles and scales, harmony and disharmony, symbolism and emotion, etc. The book is illustrated with numerous color plates, diagrams, paintings, and photographs that demonstrate Itten's concepts and methods.

Arte del colore is not only a valuable resource for artists, designers, architects, and educators, but also for anyone who wants to understand and appreciate the beauty and complexity of color. It is a book that can inspire and enrich the creative vision of anyone who reads it.

If you are interested in reading Arte del colore, you can find a PDF version of the book online. You can also check out some other books by Johannes Itten, or learn more about his life and work.


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